Wine, Dine, Dynamite The Good With Nine

by Kristin

Kitchen Of Nine

Squid - Bacon - Greens

Hello foodies,

Welcome here for finding another recipe from the Kitchen of Nine,
a place to feel good, get into the right direction, stay healthy & be productive
on our adventure to explore the world.

I life for good food, meeting cool people and spice up life. Traveling is teaching me a lot and I feel blessed to have and will continue to meet cool people who can show me a better insight of their city, culture, hotspots and get to know their culture to experience it like a local.

All of this is best done with good food, talks and great company.

Be ready for this cooking adventure from the Kitchen Of Nine with my interpretation of when I mix Squid, Bacon with Greens.

Simply Goodish Nine


• potatoes 

•squid (fresh/ frozen)


•olive oil

•broccoli, asparagus, leek

•salt & pepper


Follow the steps in order, comment here and let’s enjoy good food together.

Wine: Malbec #argentina

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