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Kristin Schrot

Your creativity starts with whether you’re curious or not.     – Frank Gehry –

I grew up in the Eastern part of Germany in a normal region with the basics to live a happy life.
After the Berlin Wall came down in 1990 a whole new world has opened up for us. Me, my family and friends started to cross borders and travelled to pretty much all cities and countries outside of Germany that could be reached by car and a ferry to explore what else was out there.

Soon after I continued traveling and followed my passion for music and fashion. My job as a Model and DJ has brought me to many mindblowing locations on this planet.

I’m thankful and blessed to have worked and continue to work with people and clients such as LevisBacardiPioneerElle MagazineEsquire MagazineShapePeter Lindberg, Tiesto, Avicii, Deep Dish and many more who gave me the opportunity to travel to all the amazing places, discover my passion for Music & Fashion and who have formed me to the person I am today.

During one of my trips someone told me that I should write a book with everything what I have expierienced. I haven’t had the time to do this yet but I decided to share some of my wanderlust moments with you here on this diary / blog.

Have fun cruising around on my site and shoot me a comment if you feel like talking.

Kristin x


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