by Kristin

When you take the time to step right outside your front door and see the beauty of nature, your entire perspective on life can change in an instant. This means that not only are your eyes opening to what is going on around you but you’re also taking the time to embrace everything that you see. And the best part about nature? The scenery literally changes every single day.

Some days are full of sunshine while other days are full of clouds and rain. How you decide to view the day is entirely up to you. 

Do you know why I and other people love to get outside and just enjoy nature? 

It’s because there is a certain calm about it that can’t be replicated at home. Our homes are filled with noise, “things”, objects, and a lot of times distractions like electronics and people, as well.

When you step outside your door and embrace the beauty of nature, you’ll be pleased to find that your journey to find happiness doesn’t have to take you far. In fact, the woods and outdoor area surrounding your home just might be all the escape that you truly need. 

For whatever reason, our brains like to hold onto memories that make us happy. So why wouldn’t you want to take that memory and make it something more permanent?

Go outside take a picture of a spot that inspires you and reflects on a happy moment and use it as screensaver on your phone or desktop.

Try not to see life through a lens all the time. Unwind, reflect and listen to what is around you for more peace, decompress and new ideas.

These pictures you see are taken during a walk in Germany. A morning jog turned into a morning walk.

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