Lovely Cashmere & Tips

by Kristin

Whoaaaa thinks my head…

Where to look and what to try on first.  Now, this is the time to score a designer piece or a good quality item from cashmere with great discount.

When I opened my mail I found a newsletter from a department store I follow online. They advertised with a picture of a cashmere sweater and suddenly my mind wandered to their website.

Exactly my fit, my kind of style, simple and a quality product. Basically Bingo :) I started to call the helpdesk to get more info about the sizing and I started to shop.  During my check out I experienced problems and realized  that the store had deleted some items from my shopping cart.

You may feel me now. WTF?!? This can’t be possible. Unfortunately yes it was. Too many people trying to buy pieces from the whole cashmere collection. My mouth corners went down on both sides, my jaw bones came closer to each other, blood pressure went up and so on…

During my second attempt to pay, more items got deleted. So I call the department store help desk again to explain my situation, unfortunately nothing they can do to get those deleted items back. I always thought that when you have an item in your shopping cart it should at least stay there for about 30min. NOT and suddenly all the sizes I wanted were gone. They made me order one size bigger which was still fine in the end for that kind of sweater.


Wearing the warm and cozy cashmere sweater during a stroll in winter wonderland.

Nobody can take out an item out of your physical shopping cart when you shop in a real departement store or supermarket.

Can you?

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