How to nail the biting part?

by Kristin

How to eat ice cream with the right bite?

Yesterday I recorded a last-minute casting video which was about, how to eat ice cream with the right bite.

Unfortunately, I run out of ice cream and I had to use chocolate for the right bite. On my way home I still had this thought stuck in my head that this bite could have been better than what I recorded if I use real ice cream. 

Signs of a perfectionist.

While I’m home I recorded a couple of takes with a raket water ice cream to see if I can nail that biting part.

It’s kinda weird biting an Ice cream since I always lick it. But this TV Commercial was about a specific ice cream covered with lots of chocolate.

Watching the takes back I felt like nah too much of this and that (funny, sensual, weird, sexy, childish, ….) 

Anyways I edited the video, uploaded it to my Instagram and ask my followers which take they like the most. Funny comments started to come in.

That was the video and the crucial point where the client decided to work with me. With no expectation, I started my journey home.

While walking around in Frankfurt I received a confirmation email from my agent that I’m booked for the job. Straight with 2 flights out of Frankfurt I arrived 10 pm in Lithuania.  I was brought directly to an office where my fitting took place until midnight. 1 am I checked in to my hotel and set the alarm for 6.30am. Since it was too early to leave the hotel I had to skip breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. 7 am we started with the makeup, nail, hair makeover and styling. 

The first outfit was for the Red Velvet Cake flavor. Right, my type.

While being on set, first to record the film footage and each time straight after I jumped in front of the camera to shoot the pictures for the billboard campaign.

8 pm on set the little hunger came through, no time for dinner. Luckily I was about to shoot that biting part. not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. 19 bites of that Ice cream kept me going all night until we called it the day at midnight.

The next day we started 9 am to shoot the other 5 flavors of that Ice Cream.

Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Almond and Caramel. 

Late lunch at 5 pm and time were running fast. 

The next day at 3.20am Matthew Smith from London screamed “It’s a wrap’.  Happy faces, relief, and claps from the team of 50 people. Not much time left to talk since my flight was scheduled for 5.50am. There was not much time to pack the bag in the hotel but enough of a shower before I got picked up to the airport.

Luckily does Vilnius have a small airport and you are at the gate quite fast.

2 flights back to Germany, 1 train ride of 3 hours, 1hrs car drive through the forest and I arrived at home sweet home. Not much time to rest but 30minutes to fresh up and jump in the car to attend a family occasion. 

By 3 am I was finally able to meet my blanket and hug my pillows

A few intensive, long, satisfied, successful and blessed days.

Can’t wait to show you the full TV Spot.


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