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The meaning of really doing something and you don’t do anything other than one thing.  

Sushi Zanmai in Tokyo

A must stop for seafood lovers who and want to go on a sense of taste adventure. For me simply the best Sushi in the world. 

This may sound bored but you’ll never forget the taste of the fresh Unagi, Fatty – Belly Tuna, Sake, Salmon and all the other Sushi here.

I’m grew up in Germany and we have a saying.  “Was der Bauer nicht kennt, isst er nicht.” (“What the farmer does not know, he does not eat.”)

It was not difficult to convince myself to try new kinds of fish while in Japan. It can’t get any fresher than here.  I would never miss that moment of trying something new in my life.

In 2009 Koutarou a Japanese friend invited me to Sushizanmai. I remember I went 3 times a day and ever since the taste has never left my brain.  My mouth is watering as soon as I know I’ll fly out to Japan. 

24hrs and 7 days a week open.  Sometimes you have to wait to be seated or wait in a cue but its all worth the waiting.

The owner is a crazy guy who won the auctions of the first tuna of the season for 6 years in a row now.

Go and check which location is near you and share your perception of taste with me in a comment below.

Enjoy your Sushi!

Sushizanmai Restaurant near Tsukiji Fish Market

street and waiting line near Sushizanmai Restaurant

cutting from a newspaper

fatty tuna, belly tuna, tuna on a plate

unagi nigiri with green tea



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