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Sunset Sessions Special is back.

Any place in the world I can get lost by watching the sun go and rise again.

Living in Miami is not only about nightlife and going wild to the triple B’s; Bass, Boys and Booze. The wild side of South Beach and the opposite for the kids that come to stay active. Plenty of choices for anybody and everyone.

A ocean full of fresh air, waves that bring new energy, palm tree leaves that bring calmness by watching them moving with the wind with the sun behind, great elements to reflect on the day while zipping on that fresh picked coconut. My perfect moment for balance.

Miami has a special place in my heart, I managed to find balance from touring, new habits updates in my daily routine to bring more light to my soul.

SUNSET SESSIONS SPECIAL June 20th, 2021 is about that sunset vibe, to get in the groove before taking a bite to hit the club with your gang and loosen up hips and body cells.

This Mix

is a journey of soothing melodic deep house combined with let me guide you melodies with a touch of progressive to feel love again. 

Everlasting, one of my first ever produced releases is featured in this mix. Your comments and big desire to get a hand on the vocal mix have been heard. June 24th will be the day to stream it on all major music platforms including Tik Tok and Instagram stories. Be inspired, reflect and get lost with ‘Everlasting by Miss Nine’.

“Remember your younger self, when you were born into this world and just assumed that everything you wanted was just possible. There were no doubts or fears, you were just doing it. When did we lose that feeling and most importantly, why? Be inspired today by that little human. Open up and feel that nothing can stop you in your actions. You will feel the energy swift and see that sky is the limit. Forever. “

Throughout the upcoming months I’ll release more remixes and other new music.

Please share this DJ MIX in your circle so that we can be visible for promoters and beach clubs to get on tour and perform in a city near you.


Let’s Go to explore more beautiful journeys together.

All tracks are selected  by  “The Queen Of House Music” Miss Nine.

Click here to watch the full set. Sharing is Caring



  1. Lauhaus, Mario Franca –  Audience 
  2. Michael Calfan ‘Could Be You’ ft. Danny Dearden (Instrumental Extended Mix) [Spinnin’ Deep]
  3. Fort Romeau – Dweller On The Threshold (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
  4. M-22 ‘Eyes Off You ‘ ft. Arlissa & Kiana Lede (VIP Mix) [3Beat]
  5. Miss Nine – Everlasting (Vocal Mix) [925 Music]
  6. Adana Twins – Spaceman (Original Mix) [TAU]
  7. Yousef – Super (Original Mix) [Circus Recordings]
  8. Andrey Exx – The Man with the Red Face (Ben Delay Remix) [Attractive Music]
  9. Riva Starr featuring Phebe Edwards – Love Divine (Extended Mix)
  10. From P60, Lisa Shaw – Magic (Manoo Remix)
  11. Reflekt ft. Decline Bass – Need To Feel Loved (Tinlicker Mike Edit)
  12. Dee Montero & Newman I Love – Shadows [All Day I Dream]
  13. Lamalo – Inertia (Extended Mix)

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