Say Yes to the Dress

by Kristin

Wedding Dress fitting it is for me today to find the dress of my dreams.

I’m Joking, no worries I’m not getting married but I’ll try on a few dresses to compete with Cinderella. Today I’m shooting covers for a magazine. Arriving at this beautiful museum and festive location for weddings I got to meet the team and photographer who briefed me about the shoot today.

After I jumped into some dresses to see which fit me best we made a final selection of 3 and now it was time to get the makeup done and find the perfect spot to photograph the cover picture.

Wedding dresses can be very heavy, big in design and sometimes difficult to sit on I noticed. Not sure which one was my favorite but the fact is that I liked to wear them and felt beautiful in them. Now it is the art of the client to pick that one magic picture. Can’t wait to share the final cover with you. 

Have you spontaneously stopped by a wedding boutique and tried on some dresses yet and how is it to be married or what do you think about marriage in general?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this

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