Where to find Penguins in Cape Town?

by Kristin

Just about 40 minutes from the centre of Cape Town you can find Boulders Bay. Drive South on the Cape Peninsular and follow the signs for Simon’s Town.

You can also watch them from the Foxy Beach which is only a 2 minute walk from Boulders Beach.

What does it costs? To access the area you pay about 152 ZAR ‘South African Rand’. Make sure to keep your ticket with you while walk across the pathways. You’ll need to show your ticket again.

Swim, chill and talk with the African penguins. These little beauties are just adorable.  I love watching them having a serious conversation with their buddies and the funny walk. Make sure to NOT feed the penguins or come too close for a selfie. While they may look cute, they’re still wild animals.

Here are some specifics of the beach area itself:

  • phone: +27 21 876 2329

  • Address: Kleintuin Road, Sea Forth, Simon’s Town

Did you know? January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day

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