Paris in less than 24hrs

by Kristin

Fashion, Macarone, Love, Soufflés & Croissants

I stayed near Bastille in a cool little boutique hotel ‘Hotel L ‘Antoine’ which was designed by Christian Lacroix. The Designer has captured the suburb’s spirit and evolution into one hotel.

A really cool hotel and area to stay and within walking distance you have all shops you need around you from pharmacy to grocery store, restaurants and little fashion boutiques.

I arrived in the afternoon when the sun slowly disappeared behind a rainy cloud and turned into the night.
My swedisch friend Petra Silander joined me for dinner at ‘Le Square Trousseau’
Seriously I could eat all dishes on the menu, specially all the delicious desserts. (you can call me a chocolate addict
We had some nice talks and laughs and as much as I enjoy talking I had to be in bed early for my photoshoot the next morning.

6.30am Make up in the room. While Make up artist ‘Juluy from Australia is putting my make up on, I ordered some boiled eggs via the room service for take away. 8 o’clock meeting the crew in the lobby.
A fancy yellow trailer was waiting for us to take us around Paris and its beautiful locations.
As soon as we arrived on our first stop the weather changed drastically and it started to pour.
Change of plans. Luckily Paris is well know for their coffee places and restaurants. So we switched from outdoors to indoors at a table near the window.

Taking pictures on a bridge, near the water, at the metro entrance and a traffic light. Random cool little spots, scouted by JPPS Production Team in Paris.

We were lucky that we had the van with us this day so we could hide inside and change outfits.
Late in the afternoon we called it a wrap, right before it started to rain again and I returned back home.


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