PACIFICO – A match made in heaven.

by Kristin

If I can eat this for the rest of my life I’m in heaven all day.

ceviche classico

Through my friend Camille in LA, who loves to cook and brings people together, I knew I  couldn’t go wrong. She is a real foodie just like me and has lived in Barcelona.

Meet the chef

While it was a holiday all over in Spain and many restaurants where full, closed and didn’t take reservations and I wanted something light and tasty. With Pacifico around the corner I forgot about all the airport delays and lost luggage.

Two different types of ceviche

A small cozy place with the purest food ever. A Live & Raw Food Restaurant. Mexican style tacos and endless ceviche.

Blue fin tuna

I fell in love with the homemade ceviche, blue fin tuna, fresh perfect riped avocado… A match made in heaven.

The restaurant

Shrimps with ceviche in the background

I tried to capture as much as possible food on the pictures. Some may not turn out as I wished. This is definitely a place worth stopping by for lunch, brunch or dinner when you visit Barcelona.

Tip! Take a seat at the bar :) 

Finished all

More Pacifico here

Enjoy and if you know a similar place near you.

Please share it with me.

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