One door closes and another one opens

by Kristin

Life has a unique way of throwing you curveballs. I have been thrown a few in my life but, I was never scared to swing the bat and go for the fences. As time passes you can often find yourself surrounded by people that try to deviate you from your passions but, you always have to remember one thing, your passions are yours and yours alone and no one can take them away from you. 

I have dipped my toes in many different ponds career wise and modeling has been my first love never seems to fail me. Last weekend I flew to compete in the annual Ernstings Family modeling contest which was held this year in Mallorca, I couldn’t believe it, I was one of the finalist! I have never been one to be scared of competition but, let me tell you, this one has my knees shaking! Obviously, my fears came from what anyone in any competition of this type would be internally facing…”Will I be the one”.

In classic Kristin fashion I woke up running late to an obvious early departure flight. In the chaos of throwing everything into my bag and heading to the airport I left my high heels at home. By the time I realized, it was already to late to turn back home! Luckily my friend lived close to the airport so I called her in panic to save the day and lone me hers. I caught her while she was still at home so she dashed over to my terminal and dropped off the pumps that I so desperately needed! Fast forward, I landed in Mallorca and before I knew it the competition had started! 

Transport scooped me up and we head over to the hotel where I had a quick bite, changed and went over to meet the rest of the competition and the judges. After dinner we all went back to our rooms to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep because the next day we had several photo shoots and activities to prove ourselves in front of the judges. The first photo shoot was a super natural look with no makeup, the second one with blue jeans and a white top followed by a sport outfit to promote the clothes in an athletic way. Adding to the photo shoot we had to throw down a round of acting with 2 funny scenes together with another finalist for the judges. 

This long and intensive day ended with a lovely dinner by the sea with everybody.

On our last day we drove to a vineyard up in the mountains where we would continue our photo shoots alongside with our activities so that later in the day a winner would be announced.

Watch the video to find out who won the contest.

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