Not all Fast Food is unhealthy

by Kristin

This Latin American Fast Food caught me by surprise.

I can’t get enough of colorful, healthy and super yummy food.

Living in Miami makes you go with the flow and do all the local stuff that you won’t experience as a tourist.

Jumping on my bicycle driving around South Beach I discovered this little place called My Ceviche.

This is not a typical restaurant setting, but more of a to sit outside the kitchen area on the sidewalk on 3rd street and Collins Ave or take the food with you to the beach kind spot.

A daily fresh catch of the day seafood with coconut, avocado, lemon, lime juices mixed with spices will give your taste buds the daily explosion its been looking for.

Most of the time you eat it right there because you just can’t resist the freshly baked tortilla chips smell with the fresh guacamole and freshly popped seasonal popcorn with lemon.

Whenever you are craving for something healthy and good for the soul this is your place without feeling guilty after. (both food and spending money wise)

I always love coming here when I’m in Miami.

See you at the beach

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