Imperial Royal Palace

by Kristin

I Wish You All a Happy Healthy 2017 from Tokyo.

photo: Meiji Shrine 

Happy New Year!

photo: Shinto Shrine

The title for Japanese New Year is called Shogastu which is regarded as one of the most fun-filled and exciting time of the entire year. At this point of time there occurs a special event known as Hatsumode. It is the time when the local people visit the local temples for the very first time in the entire year. There is a tradition of ringing the temple bell sharp at midnight for a stretch of 108 times. This is regarded as the commencement of the New Year. The crown began its celebration. There are more than million people to witness this traditional moment and I was one of them.

photo: Meiji Jingu / Meiji Shrine

January first I went to the Yoyogi Park to make a wish at the Meiji Shrine.  Which was a impressive moment together with thousands of other locals.

photo: Imperial Royal Palace

You don’t get to see a majesties every day. On January 2nd I decided to say Hi to the majesties at the Imperial Palace for the New Year Greetings. A long walk through the park. Worth the waiting together with thousands of other people. There are only 2 days in a year December 23 and January 2 where the majesties show up. Something very special to experience while you are in Tokyo around that time.

Today I’m traveling with the Shinkansen train to Kyoto. 

Stay tuned for more Japan


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