by Kristin

The Dutch take every opportunity to get together. But with King’s Day we celebrate like no other! No matter where you go the orange color will dominate streets and canals.

Koningsdag is one of the biggest street parties in Amsterdam to celebrate the King’s birthday. Thousands of boats with partying people fill the canals.

King’s Day will be held on Thursday, 27 April 2017.


DJs, Dance parties, Live music and a citywide flea market.


On the evening before the fun begins also know as King’s Knight. Every club organizes a special royal party and there are many dance festivals in every big city of the Netherlands.

Festivals like Kingsland, 538 Beat Of The Moment and others.


There are plenty of fun activities around and the little ones sell their old toys and play on music instruments to earn some pocket money.


Orange is the colour of the Dutch royal family: the House of Orange-Nassau. Most people make a special effort to wear oranges clothes, hats, wigs and sunglasses .

Getting around

On King’s Day the entire city centre is closed to traffic and trams and buses may run a little late. The best way to get around is to hoop on a boat or on foot.

Have fun & I see you in the streets of Amsterdam.

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