IDMA Awards

by Kristin

This week during Winter Music Conference in Miami I was ask to be part of the “Woman in the Music Industry” panel.

Join us and get to know more how I started in the industry.

This panel explores the rapid advancement of women innovators in the traditionally male-dominated world of the dance music industry. No longer are women just the featured vocalist on the latest track, they are now rising in the ranks as DJs, producers, remixers and behind the scenes as label owners, managers, agents and much more! Please join this esteemed panel of industry professionals and learn how the sisters are doing it for themselves!


  • Tracy Young


  • Jei
  • Kiera Miller
  • Tiffany Miranda
  • Miss Nine
  • Stacey L. Taylor

Missed the panel? Send me your question in the comment section below and I do my best to answer them


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