Inspiring Message 4 You

by Kristin

I want to share a message from Paulo Coelho a Brazilian lyricist and novelist I find very inspiring. He is the recipient of numerous international awards and his novel The Alchemist has been translated into 81 language.

For all of those who want to be a successful person.

Success comes to those who do not waste time comparing what they are doing with what others are doing; it enters the house of the person who says every day: ‘I will do my best.’ People who seek only success rarely find it, because success is not an end in itself, but a consequence. Obsession doesn’t help at all, it becomes confused as to which path to follow and ends up taking away the pleasure of living. The truly rich person is the one who is in contact with the energy of Love every second of his existence. You must have a goal in mind, but, as you go along, it costs nothing to stop now and then and enjoy the view around you. At such moments, it is important to ask yourself: ‘Are my values still intact?  ‘Am I trying to please others and do what they expect of me, or am I really convinced that my work is a manifestation of my soul and my enthusiasm?  ‘Do I want success at any price or do I want to be a successful person because I manage to fill my days with Love?’ Don’t worry about the answers – you can always correct your course.  Do that in 2017.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Read more from Paulo Coelho on his website.

I wish you a Happy Healthy 2017!


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