Fingerlicking Good

by Kristin

Snacks To Nibble On


Is it either being inside during cold winter days, at home for a lazy Sunday, stuck during a lockdown or are you just looking for that healthy snack to watch the next Netflix series and not feel guilty after it’s gone.

This week my cravings came in strong and I needed to distract myself to come up with a guilty free snack. 

Made time and experimented in my kitchen. The result 2 healthy and guilty free snacks done in Speedy Gonzales style.


Chicorée With Organic Peanut Dip

Short days, more cravings, easy to start guilty habits. Not if you’re aware and bring in the little work before for maximum taste in a very short time.

My fridge is filled with around 60% of color. In the form of veggies, fruit and other colorful items.

This week I had Chicorée left and was looking for a tasty variation.

Chicorée goes well with sardines, those I could erase from my mind because I run out of them and what I had left was organic peanut butter.

With a fuse of water and Himalaya salt made it taste more like a snack and the thickness could be easily balanced with an extra drop of H2O.

It looks great for when having friends over or need extra color in a decorative way on the table.




Salty Lemon Popcorn

Ohhh I’m a huge fan of popcorn. Especially when going to the cinema. Not sure how much of the bottom you can see from your popcorn bucket before the first scene of the movie starts. 

Mine comes pretty close to, can someone get me another portion :) 

Plain popcorn with a variety of toppings. Recently I discovered to pop the corn in the kitchen home made, rather than in the microwave to add more of my favorite flavors to it.

For this refreshing snack I used olive oil with himalaya salt, first on high temperature and ones you hear the corn jumping out of their shell you can lower the fire for them not to get burned. After just a few seconds you can add salt, a organic squeezed lemon or lime and add additional spice like chili, pepper, paprika powder etc…. use your imagination, trust your gut and listen to your cravings.



These are 2 snacks I recently discovered to stay healthy and focused during the week. 

Did you try them yet? Got a snack I need to know about? Share them with me here.

There are 5 more days left in a week for others to nibble on

Happy Snack Time.

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