Beach Body Essentials

by Kristin

Beach Body Essentials

Summertime is here, and that means that cute bikinis and shorts are coming out!  Here are my beach body essentials.


Using a scrub can make your skin feel beautiful, youthful, soft, and glowing. When you scrub, you get rid of old skin cells to make way for new ones.

I use Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleansing Cream once a week for my face and when I’m on a vacation near the beach, I use the sand from the sea for a natural scrub.

You can also use many other scrubs or mix your own scrub with a little bit of honey, sugar/ salt, water and/or avocado.

Sunscreen face

If you want to stay wrinkle-free, you need to use a sunscreen with a high SPF.

#funfact: According to the EPA, 90% of the signs of aging comes from unprotected UV exposure.

Sunscreen can be thick and leave obnoxious white stripes on your face. I tested so many sunscreens before I found my favorites from Sisley (SUPER SOIN SOLAIRE FACIAL SUN CARE SPF 50) and Clinique (Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base Broad Spectrum SPF 15).

Sunscreen body

I suggest using a cream instead of an oil.  Even though you tan faster with oil, the sun will burn your skin. When using a cream, you tan slower but the tan stays on longer. Make sure to hydrate your skin every day after tanning. Hawaiian (Tropic Satin Protection SPF 30) and  La Roche-Posay (Anthelios  Body Spray SPF30) work best for me.

Hair mask 

Use a hair mask or a good hydrating conditioner. Beach days make your hair dry.

Tip! You can also put sunscreen in your hair for extra care on the beach.


Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.


Wear a hat or a cap in a light color to keep your head cool and out of the sun.

After sun

Always use an after sun product or some cream to hydrate your skin to have that long lasting tan and glow. My favorite is C. Booth Italian Olive Body Butter

(Coconut) water

Stay hydrated!                                                                                                                              


Be confident in your own skin.

Are you familiar with one of my beach body essentials or do you have another one I should check out?

Please share it with me in a comment below.

x Kristin

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