Ayers Rock

by Kristin

I finally made it to the Ayers Rock after visiting Australia for the 5th time.


It was Saturday when I decided to check the availability for a room somewhere near the Ayers Rock in Uluru.

I was lucky that there was one last room left for the dates while I was in Australia. I jumped on the next possible flight and flew to Uluru.

The arrival went smooth nothing to compare with a trip booked by yourself as you have to wait for all passengers to get off the plane, have their luggage collected and to board the bus who drops you off in your hotel.

Straight after the check in I got picked up by another bus for the ‘Dinner Under The Stars’ which was a BBQ buffet outside a few kilometers away from the magical rock. I watched the sunset and walked into the dawn to my table. Candle light dinner under the stars with live music and a traditional dance from the Aboriginals.

After the meal all lights got switched off and I turned my head up to the sky. Right above me the Milky Way so close and clear to almost touch the stars. A astrologer pointed out signs and stars on the sky. It felt like being back at school.

Around midnight I returned back to my hotel for a short sleep because 5am I was picked up for the Ayers Rock Sunrise Tour.

Soon after the sunrise and my breakfast to go I started the 15k hike around the magical coral colored rock.

Pretty interesting to hear all the information and old stories from a local tour guide.

What I noticed that when it gets hotter during the day insects start to fly around like crazy.

I was told that I picked out he right time of the year to visit the Uluru since it is not too cold or too hot during the day.

In summer it can happen that you are covered with flies due to the hot temperatures in this area. Which I can’t imagine but after seeing some pictures I felt lucky

Make sure the get as much information from the area you want to visit upfront before visiting and book your tours like the dinner tour and others far in advance. This place is very popular under the travelers.

2 days are enough to discover Uluru and the neighborhood.

Picture’s and video’s speak more then thousand words and that’s why you need to keep your eyes open for the a new World Of Nine Episode in Australia here.

Enjoy watching and share your story with me.

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