by Kristin

I often feel that we forget about the beauty of moments, seasons, what we can hear, feel, touch and smell. Many people see the world through their cell phones and I use it a lot as well.

‘feel the wood’

When I have the opportunity to workout outdoors I often go to the forest to soak up the silence, the fresh air, voices from birds, the sound of the wind and moving trees.

‘drop it leave’

I love autumn for it’s colors. When the leaves start to color, fall off, the walk through on them and the sound of it.

‘autumn close up’

For my workout run in the mountains in Germany I got inspired. I went back the next day to that place with my camera to capture some of these moments.

‘the King in Thuringia forest’

I like to change my phone screen savers ones in a while and made a personal photographed selection to share.

Brows around in this autumn phone screensavers folder and feel free to use and share them. I would love to know with which photograph you feel connected with.

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