9 Benefits To Workout In The Morning

by Kristin

When everybody is still as sleep I love to go for a run and start my day with a clear mind.

Traveling for hours on a plane, a car or on a train makes me go crazy when I can’t get up and move around.  Every movement and workout in every shape and form will effect my day.

Here are 9 Benefits Why I workout in the morning 

  1.  I’m more focused on my next activity because my body is aroused.
  2. The lady or guy over there in the gym doesn’t steal your dumbbells because it less crowded.
  3. I’m more motivated on what I eat during the day. I always love to go for colorful food.
  4. No matter what kind of exercise I do in the morning it will help boost my metabolism and I burn calories for the rest of the day.
  5. I won’t get distracted by friends who can turn a productive workout into a serious converstaion and you end up giggling around.
  6. My mood improves, specially after a long trip and jet lags. Some workouts release endorphins the feel good hormones. Nothing feels better than having a good workout done.
  7. I feel less stressed when I go to work.
  8. My skin will natural glow and there is no need for make up.
  9. I have a better hair day. If you wash your hair after a workout, it will be clean and shiny.

For those of you who’ve already discovered the benefits of getting your workout done in the morning, please share your stories in the comments below.

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Patrick Dec, 2016 -

I can definitely attest to a lot of these benefits. I’m always hungrier the rest of the day. It definitely helps to sweat out a hangover from drinking the night before:-D

Mentally, I feel better too. But that is because I am trained. I joined the US Army in October 2000. Back then, getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise was a agonizing chore I didn’t take seriously. My world was turned upside down when 911 hit. It was only a matter of time before I would be sent to war. That day I started seriously training in order to survive the one day that would kill me. Not an exaggeration when you learn that people in my rank and position lasted five seconds on the battlefield in Vietnam. I got up at 0530 almost every day to do some kind of training while completing school.

Ironically, it was my wartime service that gave me a fresh perspective on exercise. When you are running missions for 72 hours straight, you learn to approach physical readiness from a wholistic angle. Interestingly enough, through different paths, we’ve reached some of the same conclusions.

It definitely helps me feel good during the day. I am able to actually sleep. People are always surprised when they learn my age. It helps keep my metabolism going which is important because I love food.

The body is a wonderful machine and if you maintain it, you’ll be at its resilience.

Birgit Dec, 2016 -



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