Evening Skincare Routine of a Touring DJ // Special Hacks & Tips From Around The World

Hi guys,

So you know that we may have seen each other on a music festival when I performed on a stage or when you opened up a magazine to read a interview about a hot ass female in a male dominated world. Featured in fashion campaigns, working with charity organizations or you have listened to one of my sets live, on the radio, on youtube or somewhere around the world.

Long nights, little sleep and many hours on an airplane followed with jet lags.

How to keep your skin fit and get rid of blue circles under your eyes?

I had a chat with Ize Skincare and it was about time to share my evening skincare routine with you so you can see how I take care of my skin while I’m on the road and at home!

Watch the skincare secrets here:

Now, I’m curious what secrets you have which I can apply to my skincare or body care routine? Do you have any?


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